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Customise it!

I did this:

customise it!
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Hello and welcome to this community!

The point of this community is simple- we are all about customising!

Some communities have stringent rules about what you can or cannot post- we are not about that. We are about sharing what you have made, and what you have created. Not everyone can make something complicated from scratch, but we all have something we are proud of.

From drawing on a t-shirt to stringing together a bracelet to photoshopping a picture, we want you to share :-)

You can use this community in any way you like:
*posting what youve made
*posting something you want to customise and asking for inspiration
*posting things for other people to customise
*posting questions (although google first please)


- Constructive critisicm only.
- Questions are very welcome, but Google first please!
- Pictures please!
- All large pictures behind a cut please!
- No trolling.

Please also visit giving_ideas