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30 March 2007 @ 01:32 am
Sorry for the text only post-  
I've noticed some people have selling journals- LJs and Myspaces for their selling only. I'm kind of fed up with Etsy. I'm tired of the fees and then having the photos not work or it's sometimes unavailable and my stuff being buried within a billion other listings so no one really looks at them. I realize it's up to me to promote my own store so what I was thinking of passing my business over to a selling LJ or something. I was wondering how people handle sales- do you just tell someone to pay to your paypal account or what is the deal? Any suggestions? Any... Anything?


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Meg the Wicked Gemmermaidsvoice on March 30th, 2007 09:03 pm (UTC)
^_^ Thanks. If you figure anything else out let me know. ^_^